[Harp-L] The HarmoniCollege 2018 report

James Brill Rumbaugh jrumbaug@xxxxx
Fri Apr 6 20:38:20 EDT 2018

The HarmoniCollege 2018 report

HarmoniCollege was another success. Some alumni saying it was “the best yet”. Michael Rubin did an exceptional presentation on each subject. If you ever hear of a class by Michael being offered, seek it out and go.

Michael Rubin and guest Clint Hoover did an incredible demonstration at the close of the Saturday night jam. They each took a C harp. Bobby Hughes on guitar and Jim Rumbaugh (me) on bass, started a standard 12 bar blues in G. After each 12 bar solo by Michael and Clint, we modulated a half step up. They played all 12 positions as we walked up the necks of our guitars. Not only did they play all 12 positions, they played all 12 positions with a professional sound that was delightful to the ear. The only hiccup was when I (Jim Rumbaugh) messed up twice. I modulated at the wrong time, but the harp players went on without a hitch. Everyone in the room was amazed. Doug Shroer said, “I’ve heard of people that can do that, but this is the first time I’ve actually witnessed it.”

A cute non-musical incident. The main cabin had no hot water Friday night and Saturday morning. An opossum had crawled into the water heater and destroyed the tank. The dead opossum was found with his head sticking out of the tank. A new tank was installed Saturday morning and things went back to normal. HarmoniCollege 2018 is now known as “The year of the ‘Possum”

Jim Rumbaugh

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