[Harp-L] JF in Blues

Luciano Baptista runningharp@xxxxx
Mon Apr 2 14:31:35 EDT 2018

Dear friends!!

With great pleasure, I bring to our community this simple work launched
last November ...

I hope you enjoy ...

A few words about the album:

An extraction ...
Yes, this is the idea of "JF in Blues": to pick up in this fertile land of
Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais, the Blues that here were and are composed,
influenced by their atmosphere, by their culture. I realized, over the
years, enjoying, listening, talking about and working with the Blues, that
every composer of any musical style always brings in his portfolio one or
another "Little Blues" hidden in the back of the drawers, marking that
melancholy moment of life, or mocking her, of luck, of loss.
Behold, the time has come to seek and bring into the world a little bit of
this great vein that is being exploited there. To that end, great composers
who live in this musical city, Aluísio Ribeiro, Augusto Dadalti, Arnaldo
Huff, Carlinhos Cruz, Dudu Costa, Fernando França, Guilherme Soldati, Marco
Aurélio Faria, Robert Anthony and Rodrigo Bastos, as well as the instant
composers of Hot Shot Trio.
Some songs had already been recorded, others had been almost forgotten -
those first compositions, which are part of the composer's life and which
deserve to be known, admired ...
And here it is: our first extraction! And look, there's a lot more from
where those nuggets were taken! I could make a double cd!
And to bring even more Jui de Fora's art to this project, we have on the
cover the illustration Yellow Blue Man, by the great artist Lúcio Rodrigues!
Now, have fun !!
Luciano Baptista

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