[Harp-L] For sale: Tombo 1160 Pocket Bass.

Matthew Bullis matthewbullisaz@xxxxx
Mon Apr 2 17:39:50 EDT 2018

Hello from Phoenix Arizona. I have on offer the Tombo Pocket Bass
which I bought on Amazon about a year ago. It took a good few weeks to
get this from China, and so you're alleviating the wait time in this
case if you're in the U.S. I had been looking at this model, asking
questions and reading the reviews, and got a response which detailed
that the Easttop company made a similar model with two more notes. I
now have both models, and don't need the Tombo, as it sounds the same
to me as the Easttop I have. The Tombo has been lightly used and
sounds great for rhythm bass accompaniment. I especially like that the
pairs are two-note chords such as C/G or E/B. I would like to sell
this within the U.S., as I'm not used to working with international
mailings. I'd take a hundred dollars, including shipping. I can accept
Paypal or a transfer from you if you use your online banking app
feature. There are some Youtubes on this instrument, but they don't
really represent how this sounds, so I can provide sound samples
through e-mail or phone call, etc. I hope to get this into someone's
hands for their enjoyment.

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