[Harp-L] The Saxony Spring (Seydel Service Technician)

Joseph Leone 3n037@xxxxx
Fri Sep 29 14:10:22 EDT 2017

I am also a slide slapper Emily. Use it in dixieland. My suggestion is a softer bumper on the right end of the slide assembly. Pieces of a ball point pen refill are too stiff. Coffee stirs too fragile.
Insulation from # 12 or 14 gage electrical wire are good. Also good is the smaller tube from a c-pap oxygen set. The best is neoprene. Possibly fuel supply tube as used in radio controlled

> I recently had to replace the spring on my Seydel Deluxe and sent away to
> the always great Rockin' Ron for a Saxony spring. I'm always glad when I
> take something apart, put it back together, and then have it work, and if
> anything, it works better now. I play Irish, Scottish,  and Canadian music
> on it (it's a "D", in circular tuning and I've had it configured so that
> the slide note is DOWN) and though it may be my imagination, but I think
> the return is faster, or at least more positive. A lot of the "cuts"
> (which, as Kevin Burke said, are more an interruption in a note than a
> different note) in Trad music need to lightening fast, and sometimes I take
> my whole hand and whack the button because it gives a sharper attack than
> just my index finger. Anyhoo, this thread has been interesting to me
> because the greater tension may be why I think I notice a little bit louder
> "click" when using the button. I can live with it, but I'm interested in
> what fixes any of you might suggest. Cheers, Emily

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