[Harp-L] Overblows on the Harmonicaster

Ronnie Schreiber autothreads@xxxxx
Wed Sep 13 14:08:52 EDT 2017

Stephen Hanner reports to me that with some slight changes in technique 
he's been able to do overblows on the 8, 9, and 10 holes on the 
Harmonicaster, with an A Key Cassette. He said because of the mouthpiece 
and distance from the reeds, it's a little bit different in terms of 
pressure, but that anyone who can already overblow should be able to 
figure it out. People had asked about overblows and since I'm not an 
advanced player, until now my answer was, "I don't know. Maybe."

As I've said, I won't fully know what the Harmonicaster can or can't do 
until good players start fooling around with it.

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