[Harp-L] Pedals for tube Amp sound...

ian osborn davidianosborn@xxxxx
Wed Sep 6 00:00:45 EDT 2017

Forgive my ignorance and level of knowledge in the world of
amps/soundboards and PA's. I will endeavour to learn more and perhaps this
will be answered by my own band mates but I thought I would give this a

Is there a lone wolf type pedal that can mimic that gritty Chicago blues
tube amp sound ????

I play gigs about 3 times a year and only play about 20% of the songs that
our band plays, mostly because a lot of the songs don't require or sound
good with a harmonica part (classic rock type songs).

I usually plug direct into the main soundboard/PA so I don't have access to
an amp to get that Chicago bluesy tube amp sound, nor do I have that.

My question again LOL Is there a pedal like a lone wolf one that would
mimic that Chicago Blues sound...!???

Many thanks !!!!


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