[Harp-L] what tuning is this?

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The story behind this tuning is that Kit Gamble created it, Lee Oskar used it for that one tune - Carlos loved the sound, found a recording of Lee playing what is called "B-Thing tuning", learned the tuning scheme from Lee, and also plays it on his CD. I don't know if Lee recorded it on a CD, but there are live recordings of his floating around.

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Carlos del Junco has a nice tune recorded on one of his CDs and is probably
on YouTube.

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> That's funny--I just did a repair on a Lee Oskar and was going thru my
> inventory of plates and parts--I have all my used LO harps in the same
> place, and had just rediscovered this harp.
> I tuned it by ear, from a live recording on YouTube. As I understand it,
> this is the B-thing Tuning. I think this is the recording--
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3vJ1c55g5c
> Kit did a lot of the LO tunings (according to him, and I have no reason to
> mistrust him). I think this tuning is widely believed to his.
> The one I did is from a G harp, but is the same tuning--check the chords at
> 7:38--so it's designed to be played in 2nd position.

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