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I have had the opportunity to answer questions about Spiral for several on
the list recently.

I have not ordered from Seydel pages, but it appears to be wonderfully

   1. I prefer JUST intonation for my spirals, for the smooth
   chords.(Lowered thirds)
   2. EQUAL TEMPERAMENT can sound a little harsh and edgy against other
   3. COMPROMISE is a good solution for most players.

My preference for JUST intonation with Spirals is because I often use two-
and three-note groups to take a keyboard role in the band. I process thru
Leslie Speaker (Digitech RP), or thru Electro Harmonix MEL9 Melotron for
string, orchestra, flute, and choir sounds. ("Brass" has not been a
convincing sound with harmonica on the MEL9)

I have 6 short videos introducing the Spiral here: http://trix.ws/RG02m

Robert Hale
Serious Honkage in Arizona

I concur completely with Duke Robert. I ONLY play spiral tuning (I even
have spiral tuned chromatics with the slid note DOWN a half step) and
they're all in Just Intonation. I play American and Celtic fiddle music
almost exclusively, and Just Intonation blends much better with fiddles,
flutes, and whistles. Irish flutes tend to use Just Intonation also, and
American  fiddle music uses a lot of microtones that you won't find on a
keyboard. A fiddle player of my acquaintance, the late Jack Link, used to
say, "We Country musicians like our thirds CLOSE.". Cheers, emily

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