[Harp-L] Afrobeat

David Fairweather dmf273@xxxxx
Mon Oct 16 18:49:45 EDT 2017

Had an unusual gig last night.  I was asked to play with a 15 piece
Afrobeat band for a big party celebrating the birthday of Fela Kuti.   Just
one song "Upside Down" in Dm.   I switched between a C harp in 3rd position
and a Lee Oskar Dm harp.   The switching for partly for visual effect - the
C harp was an Easttop with white cover plates - but also just for some
chordal variety.    I soloed with the Lee Oskar.   It was a lot of fun
playing music outside the blues box.   The horn lines on that song are
pretty simple harmonically - I could have played them on either harp - but
the timing has to be quick and precise against a polyrhythmic background.
Keeps you on your toes!

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