[Harp-L] Interview with Christelle Berthon (France) ...

Patrice Rayon stpat95@xxxxx
Sun Oct 15 06:31:15 EDT 2017

Bonjour !

Here is a link to the interview I finished yesterday with Christelle Berthon...

The ones who met me, also in SPAH convention last august are in a good place easily guess that my "english speaking" is not better than the one of the "spanish cow" of my neigbourg, so I plugged Google Translate on the Interview... But I am affraid that Google translate is not perfect as well... I could have asked Christelle but she's preparing her leave to New Zealand on 1st of November...


So if this is the case, please tell me and I ask help to my courageous friends from Britanny to involve Shakespear (version XXIth century) 😊... Also I am happy to meet Adam Gussow (is french is not bad :D ) in Bristol end of this month... (don't be affraid Adam, I don't worry you with it... Happy to see you there to have more time tho speak)

Patrice RAYON

PS: I still intend to write a small report of my visit to Tulsa... (The time...the time...get more when I am retired, in about 20years ...)

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