[Harp-L] relative major/Last Dance With Mary Jane

JWilliam Thompson landcommentary@xxxxx
Fri Oct 13 12:32:52 EDT 2017

This is an interesting thread. It exposes the fact that so many harmonica
players are locked in a tiny musical box of blues licks and other simple
stuff that they feel comfortable with and are reluctant to move beyond..
Richard H's comments are a form of "tough love" that says, "get out of the
box and learn about a larger musical world" that the harmonica can be part

I play in a lot of bluegrass jams, and I tend to cringe when a harmonica
player shows up. What he/she usually plays are those same old standard
blues licks that often clash horribly with a major-scale bluegrass tune. I
so wish they would just sit down with some BG records and undertake the
long but fascinating journey of learning to play bluegrass and fiddle tunes
note for note.

Sorry if this sounds like a rant. Guess I've been feeling some of this for
a long time.

Bill in DC

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