[Harp-L] Relative Major

Richard Hunter rhunter377@xxxxx
Fri Oct 13 08:09:08 EDT 2017

Steven Hellerman wrote:
<OK. But it's a lot more fun in 2nd position w/ a D harp.

It's always more fun to play your own stuff, as opposed to someone else's.
That's not the point.  The point is that if you're covering the song, you
pay respect to the elements of the arrangement that make the song what it
is.  Like, for example, a harp part played in 3rd position, where you can
get minor chord fragments that are important to the sound of the song,
(Otherwise you reimagine the song entirely to make it clear that the song
is just a starting point for your own imagination. That works best when
it's obvious that the band is looking for something new and original, not
just on a Tom Petty song but on everything it does.)

I know we all want the audience to hear how creative and brilliant  we can
be on the instrument, but sometimes it's just better to play the damn song
the way the composer wanted it played.  Certainly that's what the audience
wants from a cover song in the vast majority of cases.

Regards, RIchard Hunter

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