[Harp-L] opening up covers on Lee Oskar harmonicas?

Richard Hunter rhunter377@xxxxx
Thu Oct 12 15:53:53 EDT 2017

William Lifford wrote:
<Normally, I like to open up the coverplates of my harmonicas.   I do it
<with a pair of pliers, and to be honest, when I am done it looks like I
gave it to a bunch of monkeys <at the zoo and let them do it.  There are
plier marks everywhere and they look like crud.
I< have seen some of you (online, etc.) with opened coverplates that look
professionally done, <without the covers showing any tool scuffs or dents.

Mine don't look great--the edges are slightly irregular, as opposed to
being a completely smooth curve--but you can reduce or eliminate the scuff
marks by putting something soft between the jaws of the pliers and the
cover plates.  You don't need the pliers in direct contact with the cover
plate to get the lip to bend inward, which is how I "open up" the covers.
(I've never actually thought about bending them outward.  Hmmm.)  Also
avoid putting more pressure on the pliers than you need. Wider pliers are
good, needle nose pliers are not.

After I put the covers back on the plate, I may flare the back edge of the
plates up and back a little, taking care to avoid distorting the cover
plates where they lay on the harp.  That flaring helps to keep a grip on
the harp too.

Bending the lip inward also adds some rigidity to the edge of the cover
plate, which in general is good if you like crush-proof harps.

Regards, Richard Hunter

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