[Harp-L] SOPHISTICATED LADY on a Midi Harmonica and NEW Chord harp tuning!

Michael Rubin michaelrubinharmonica@xxxxx
Wed Oct 11 11:07:49 EDT 2017

You are correct.  There are 10 tunings that can be saved on the
instrument.  Although I haven't looked into it I believe you can save more
on the website.

This would enable you to pick a specific voicing for the song as you are
enabled to put the notes in whatever order you wish but also choose the
octave of the particular note.

However,It may be a challenging endeavor as there are only 12 holes on the
harp.  Let's say each chord has 4 notes.  You can type in 3 blow chord,3
draw chords, 3 when button one is pushed while blowing and 3 while button
one is pushed by drawing.  Then you can set up the other two buttons to
create other key versions of the built in chords.  So if you song had 12
chord types, this is doable.  Or like me, you can  have two chords that
share chord tones built in next to one another.

So far my tuning has been pretty hard to stump as I play through the real

On Wed, Oct 11, 2017 at 9:54 AM, Richard Hunter <rhunter377 at xxxxx>

> Michael Rubin wrote:
> <Be clear I am not saying any of this is BETTER than what the keyboardist
> <can do.  It is just different.  I agree with you that the different
> <voicings on a keyboard are a great advantage.  For a simple song with just
> <a few chords, different voicings could be programmed into the WILD chords.
> <
> <Finally, there is the novelty of the instrument.  WHen I perform with my
> <DM48, I am bombarded by audience members after the show wanting to discuss
> <it.  The keyboard has lost its shine in that respect.
> Thanks Michael for the detailed response.  One minor technical correction:
> vibrato is usually controlled on a keyboard using a wheel, ribbon, or
> rotary controller that can send a range of values to the vibrato circuit.
> So it's not simply on/off.
> It occurred to me while I read your notes that one could set up different
> chord structures in the DM-48 corresponding directly to different songs, as
> opposed to using a general layout that's applicable to a range of songs.
> Is that correct?  How many different memories for tuning layouts can be
> stored in the DM-48?
> thanks, Richard Hunter
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