[Harp-L] SOPHISTICATED LADY on a Midi Harmonica and NEW Chord harp tuning!

Richard Hunter rhunter377@xxxxx
Wed Oct 11 10:54:04 EDT 2017

Michael Rubin wrote:
<Be clear I am not saying any of this is BETTER than what the keyboardist
<can do.  It is just different.  I agree with you that the different
<voicings on a keyboard are a great advantage.  For a simple song with just
<a few chords, different voicings could be programmed into the WILD chords.
<Finally, there is the novelty of the instrument.  WHen I perform with my
<DM48, I am bombarded by audience members after the show wanting to discuss
<it.  The keyboard has lost its shine in that respect.

Thanks Michael for the detailed response.  One minor technical correction:
vibrato is usually controlled on a keyboard using a wheel, ribbon, or
rotary controller that can send a range of values to the vibrato circuit.
So it's not simply on/off.

It occurred to me while I read your notes that one could set up different
chord structures in the DM-48 corresponding directly to different songs, as
opposed to using a general layout that's applicable to a range of songs.
Is that correct?  How many different memories for tuning layouts can be
stored in the DM-48?

thanks, Richard Hunter

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