[Harp-L] Any neck rack for this bass harmonica?

Matthew Bullis matthewbullisaz@xxxxx
Mon May 29 04:48:49 EDT 2017

This is the current instrument I'm wanting to play with the guitar at 
the same time:


There seem to be a lot of neck racks out there, but they wouldn't 
indicate whether the body of this bass instrument would fit into it. The 
back of the instrument is two inches thick, and it's a little over nine 
inches across, and about as wide as your hand. I like that this bass 
instrument has the chromatic notes for easy playing. I'm also looking 
into the Tombo pocket bass and the Easttop mini bass, though those are 
set up in fifths. These two instruments seem like they would fit into 
one or more of the neck racks, since the length of the instruments is 
about five inches. I also have on order the Tombo violin key harmonica. 
I enjoy the variety of these unusual setups, and would like to apply 
them while playing guitar. Any thoughts are appreciated.



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