[Harp-L] Harper Novel

Richard Hunter rhunter377@xxxxx
Wed May 10 08:12:38 EDT 2017

Bill Hines wrote:
<I wrote a novel and it has some blues and harp
content in it (but it's in no way the central theme). It's up for the
Amazon Kindle Scout program, which is based on nomination votes (and the
review of Amazon's editors) to be selected for publishing.

Bill, congratulations on this terrific achievement.  Completing a novel is
a major, major accomplishment that always demands lots of time, effort, and
focus.  Big props!

I followed your link with the attention to vote, but I couldn't find your
novel.  (I landed on something called "Vigilante Angels" by Billy deCarlo.
Is that you?   If not, please advise on the title of your novel so I can
vote for it.

Regards, Richard Hunter

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