[Harp-L] Harper Novel

Bill Hines billhines4@xxxxx
Mon May 8 15:35:00 EDT 2017

I've been on this list for about ten years. I used to post a lot, but 
still read every post. I wrote a novel and it has some blues and harp 
content in it (but it's in no way the central theme). It's up for the 
Amazon Kindle Scout program, which is based on nomination votes (and the 
review of Amazon's editors) to be selected for publishing. It's 
competing with books from other, established authors who have huge 
social media followings, and I don't. This harp-l list is my social 
media :-)

So anyway, if you can spare a click at the link below to press the 
Nominate button, you'll get a free copy if it is selected. I hope this 
message is OK to post. Thanks in advance for any help.


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