[Harp-L] Another great experience getting my Seydel Session Steel serviced by Greg Jones

Leonard Schwartzberg leonard1@xxxxx
Sun May 7 21:00:27 EDT 2017

Harpers:   THIS PAST WEEK, I went to the Post Office with my broken Seydel
Session Steel A Harp.   THIS PAST WEEK, Greg Jones:
Greg at xxxxx replaced one reed, re-torqued another reed,
scrubbed my disgustingness out of all the insides and outside, re-matched
the tuning on each and every reed, and collected a very few shekels, from
me, for his work.   THIS PAST WEEK, yesterday in fact, I went to my mailbox,
took my beautiful Steel A Harp out of the padded envelope and played and
played and played.   Greg.. what took so long?!?!    Greg's the Best!!!
Thanks, Leonard




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