[Harp-L] How I recorded "Vivid"

Richard Hunter rhunter377@xxxxx
Sun May 7 08:44:32 EDT 2017

The latest post in my series describing the harps and FX I used on every
song on my new record "The Lucky One"--a description of the harps and FX I
used to record the ballad "Vivid"--is up now on hunterharp.com at:


I'll spill the beans right now: "Vivid" includes three harp tracks, all
recorded with the same Seydel Deluxe chromatic harmonica.  The piece is in
D, the harp is a C harp.  No FX were used (beyond the application of reverb
and delay in the final mix).  It's a modern harmonica choir.

But wait!  I hear you say.  (Did you say that?  Oh. Maybe it was me.)  How
do we square the idea of a chromatic harp with no FX with the idea of a
21st century rock harmonica record?  Glad you asked.  (Or rather, glad I
did.)  Two things: first, as Faulkner said, the past is not past.  We bring
everything we have with us to the future, including chromatic harmonicas in
all their glory.

Second, if you've been following this series of posts, you know the big
message of "The Lucky One": with the help of modern FX, the harmonica can
play roles in the band that are traditionally reserved for guitars,
keyboards, and horns.  There's no longer any need to limit the number of
harmonica players in the band to one lonely person.  We can have a
harmonica choir in the band, or a harmonica horn section, or a harmonica
rhythm section--or all at once.  We can do that without losing the crunch,
power, and color that are part and parcel of a modern rock band.  We can
replace some of those guitar players with harmonica, and make some big new
sounds for a new century.  And that's BEFORE we start bringing MIDI
harmonicas into the mix, which we will all surely do before long.

Check out the full series of posts on the harmonicas and FX I used to
record "The Lucky One" at:

Regards, Richard Hunter

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