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The smooth part of the bolt/screw above the threads is called the body or shank.   It is measured and specified from the bottom of the head to the start of the threads or to the start of the transition to threads.  You would then specify the length of the thread.   Obviously, specify the type of thread as Sheltraw wrote earlier.   Leonard

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> Hey Joe, thanks for the name check.

You’re welcome. You are a great technician after all. 

> Harmonica companies are businesses. They are not groups of artists.

Pretty much what I was saying. And for a harmonica company to hire me as an advisor, they may not be able to handle my $30,515.92 per year fee. lolol and more lolol

> I am proud to be associated with Suzuki Japan, the company I work for sells their products. They make some very artistic harmonicas!

I don’t have much experience with Suzis. But what I do have is good. I would buy one except that I am literally swimming in Herings, Hohners & Seydels. So you SHOULD be proud. I know I would be.  

Jose di los quarto de Mayo

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