[Harp-L] Saxony spring

Joseph Leone 3n037@xxxxx
Thu May 4 19:40:12 EDT 2017

> On May 4, 2017, at 7:02 PM, Gary Lehmann <gnarlyheman at xxxxx> wrote:
> Hey Joe, thanks for the name check.

You’re welcome. You are a great technician after all. 

> Harmonica companies are businesses. They are not groups of artists.

Pretty much what I was saying. And for a harmonica company to hire me as an advisor, they may not be able to handle my $30,515.92 per year fee. lolol and more lolol

> I am proud to be associated with Suzuki Japan, the company I work for sells their products. They make some very artistic harmonicas!

I don’t have much experience with Suzis. But what I do have is good. I would buy one except that I am literally swimming in Herings, Hohners & Seydels. So you SHOULD
be proud. I know I would be.  

Jose di los quarto de Mayo

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