[Harp-L] New to me tuning on midi chromatic

Michael Rubin michaelrubinharmonica@xxxxx
Wed May 3 09:09:10 EDT 2017

I am exploring different tunings on the midi harmonica.  So far I have
created a bebop tuning, a diminished tuning  and something of my own
creation that is reminiscent of Lee Oskar's harmonic minor but is instead
based on the Phrygian major or He Jazz (sp) scale.

Blow button       b7    4    b6    b2

Blow                   1     3    5       1

hole                    1     2    3       4

draw                  b2   4     b6     b7

draw button        2    b5   6      7

After hole 4 it repeats.

Of course,  it anyone wants to use this or create an acoustic chromatic
with this tuning,  you are welcome to it.
Michael Rubin

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