[Harp-L] Quick Last Dance With Mary Jane Question

jrumbaug@xxxxx jrumbaug@xxxxx
Wed Mar 29 09:53:36 EDT 2017

Laurent Vigouroux suggested "play it on a C harp"

though you can get the single notes needed for the song with a C in 4th 
position, a diatonic harp in 3rd position has the advantage of nice "dirty 
notes" when playing the signature lick as well as that 4,5,6 draw minor 
chord.  3rd with a G is my local club's standard go to. BUT, when I am 
feeling bored, I will take my F harp and play 5th position scales from the 
bottom to the top of the harp.

Jim Rumbaugh
The Harmonica club of Huntington, WV (HarmoniCollege starts Friday March31) 

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