[Harp-L] Quick Last Dance With Mary Jane Question

Laurent Vigouroux laurentHarp@xxxxx
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And why not play it on a C harp? If your 3" sounds go enough, this should fit the bill, shouldn't it?

My two cents 😊

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Hi Ian,

For A-minor I would play 3rd position in G.  An easy way to to think of it, that seems to work for me, is double-cross keying - if a song is in A-major, the cross key is 2nd position in D (A to D). If the song is in A-minor, then just cross key again (D to G) and play in 3rd position. ...or just use an A-minor tuned harp.  :)

I hope this helps!

Pat Powers
Just Keep on Harpin!

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> Subject: [Harp-L] quick last dance with mary jane question
> hey guys
> my friend plays mary janes last dance in A minor, so for the harmonica 
> part, would this be cross harp key of D?? or because A minor is from C 
> major, does it fall to an F harmonica...
> hope this makes sense?? I look on the circle of fifths harmonica 
> chart, and not sure if I follow it as a major or minor key..

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