[Harp-L] Hohner Rocket set up

pdxharpdog@xxxxx pdxharpdog@xxxxx
Thu Mar 23 13:01:34 EDT 2017

Are there any customizers out there who work on Rocket Harps? I love these for their responsiveness and they feel good - like SP20s, but beefier in construction. The big drawback for me is that they are pretty leaky out of the box. Even the Rocket Amp without the cover end openings. What is the customizing community's feeling about these harps and how to make them better? I have tried a flat comb and flat sanding the draw reed plate with some improvement. Have not had much success with any customizing tricks other than flat sanding and gapping - more disasters than victories with embossing, reed scooping etc. Anything else to try? 

Right now my go-to reliable harp is the Seydel 1847 - but I like the Rocket enough to try to overcome my concerns. 

Thanks for any reply from the experts. You guys are amazing with what you can do. 

Ross Macdonald 

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