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Steve Hayes bigbandrhythm@xxxxx
Sat Mar 18 16:10:21 EDT 2017

Thanks for your insights, Greg.

An instructor is always a good idea.. the Iceman, for example. :-)

I learned from examples on youtube.. Starting on hole 6 seems easiest.

I use the same embouchure for overblows as for blow bends. It helps to 
adjust the reeds to reduce the gap. None of my harps are professionally 
customized. They all overblow, though I admit the overdraw escapes me for 
the most part.

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Here is some information from my web site that I wrote and accumulated
which speaks on the subject of overblow/overdraw.  In all the endless
discussion on the topic, what rarely gets revealed is that the skill
requires an enormous amount of practice.

Sometimes I think harmonica players just ignore that because they would
rather spend endless hours commenting on social media and then go spend
spend extra money on a custom harmonica.

If you truly want to learn the technique, you need plan on a *solid year *of
dedicated practice and you should really have a good instructor.


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