[Harp-L] color coding keys

Tom Halchak info@xxxxx
Fri Mar 17 09:05:16 EDT 2017

I've been making custom combs for over 6 years.  Early on, when I started
making acrylic combs in 4 colors, my customers asked me if I had any more
colors.  I asked them why - isn't 4 colors enough variety?  They politely
informed me that there are 12 different keys (at least) in a set of harps
and they wanted a different color comb for each key to create a key coding
system.  And I thought people were buying custom combs because of the
improved tone.  Who knew?  I make combs for the 10 most popular 10-hole
diatonics.  I make them out of 6 different materials in about 25-30
different colors.  All together, I make over 300 different combs and
inventory about 1,200-1,500 at any given time.  Lots of guys use my combs
to create a key coding system.  I have no problem what-so-ever telling my
harps apart. I also make 5 or 6 different harmonicas in all keys using
these combs.  My website lists over 2,500 different products.

I think anyone who is going offer key labels can handle selling 12
different products.

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