[Harp-L] Color coding keys

Richard Hunter rhunter377@xxxxx
Thu Mar 16 16:04:40 EDT 2017

Ronnie Schreiber wrote:
I'm 3D printing the coverplates for the Harmonicaster's key cassettes
(which will also work just fine as traditional acoustic or cupped mic
harmonicas), and since the filament I'm using comes in more than a dozen
colors, I'm considering color coding the keys, giving each key it's own
color, to make it easier to identify when changing keys.

Good idea or not?

The main issue I have with visual key indicators nowadays is picking the
right key in low-light conditions.  The key lettering on most harps is a)
small and b) hard to read on a semi-darkened stage.  Color-coding may not
solve that, since many colors look similar in low light.

Can you slap some kind of key indicator on the cassettes that's big, bright
and easily read in low light?

I'll go for broke: a single key letter only works if all one's harps use a
certain tuning setup (like standard Richter).  If you have natural minor,
melody maker, etc. tunings in your kit, you need some way to indicate those
variations in addition to the key letter.

Oh well.  Maybe just try the color coding and see how that works out, since
(I presume) it's easy enough to change if it doesn't.

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