[Harp-L] David Naiditch's new CD

JWilliam Thompson landcommentary@xxxxx
Tue Mar 7 12:29:23 EST 2017

I just want to say a word about  David Naiditch's latest CD, Bluegrass That
Swings. It's my favorite of his CDs so far. Relatively few harmonica
players have successfully ventured into swing, and even fewer into
bluegrass. David merges both on this CD.

I actually play bluegrass harmonica (diatonic, mostly Paddy Richter tuning)
every week in my area. So can I pick up licks and runs from David's
chromatic playing? Probably not, because the speed and complexity of
David's playing is a really in a class by itself. Still, it's an
inspiration. But don't take my word for it--listen for yourself.

Bill in DC

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