[Harp-L] What first attracted you to harmonica? Why did you learn to play it?

David Brown nonidesign@xxxxx
Mon Mar 6 16:42:54 EST 2017

Walter Horton album: Fine Cuts.
Chicago Slim Blues Band album: "Love Me Or I'll Kill Ya!"
Led Zeppelin song: "When the Levee Breaks"
Steve Marriott's harp solo on the song "I Wonder" off the Humble Pie album
Charlie McCoy on his rippin' version of "Orange Blossom Special"
Pat Ramsey's solo on the song "Last Night" (Johnny Winter's album "White
Hot and Blue").

On Mon, Mar 6, 2017 at 5:15 AM, <flyingv8 at xxxxx> wrote:

>  When I was 21 there was a new baby in the house and I knew that the band
> days were over. For awhile at least! I took up the harp and learned a few
> songs but I didn't know how to bend notes and gave it up. Later at age 55 I
> was recovering from ulcerative colitis and needed to make some music. It
> was difficult to play the harp with inflamed intestines but I loved the
> sound and having the instrument with me all the time. I played my first gig
> on harp with a band last night and it was amazing! I truly believe that the
> attraction has something to do with my Polish heritage. The sound of the
> free reeds touches me deeper than any instrument I have ever played.
> Dee Makowski
> Dee's Finely Tuned Instruments
> Erie,PA.
> www.deesfti.com
> ---- Peter Sheridan <jukejelly at xxxxx> wrote:
> > I first heard Sonny Boy Williamson II (Rice Miller) on the radio,
> broadcast
> > from a station in CANADA, and I was hooked. A year later I heard Little
> > Walter on the radio, broadcast from WLAC, and the hook was set.
> >
> > Pete Sheridan

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