[Harp-L] What first attracted you to harmonica? Why did you learn to play it?

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Mon Mar 6 06:15:03 EST 2017

 When I was 21 there was a new baby in the house and I knew that the band days were over. For awhile at least! I took up the harp and learned a few songs but I didn't know how to bend notes and gave it up. Later at age 55 I was recovering from ulcerative colitis and needed to make some music. It was difficult to play the harp with inflamed intestines but I loved the sound and having the instrument with me all the time. I played my first gig on harp with a band last night and it was amazing! I truly believe that the attraction has something to do with my Polish heritage. The sound of the free reeds touches me deeper than any instrument I have ever played. 
Dee Makowski
Dee's Finely Tuned Instruments

---- Peter Sheridan <jukejelly at xxxxx> wrote: 
> I first heard Sonny Boy Williamson II (Rice Miller) on the radio, broadcast
> from a station in CANADA, and I was hooked. A year later I heard Little
> Walter on the radio, broadcast from WLAC, and the hook was set.
> Pete Sheridan

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