[Harp-L] BloThru OctaChroms - Octave Chromatic Harmonicas

Brendan Power bren@xxxxx
Thu Jun 29 15:53:15 EDT 2017

The rich octave sound, two reeds playing together an octave apart, is one of
the most appealing free-reed tonalities. It's never been available on slider
chromatics before - but now it is, in two types. My unique OctaChrom and
patent-pending OctaChrom Selectable are constructed of two chromatics inline
behind a single mouthpiece. 


Check out the video to hear them in action:

<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YklPHYumi0I&t=7s> &t=7s


More info, photos and ordering here:




 <http://www.brendan-power.com/> www.brendan-power.com



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