[Harp-L] Re dimi vs C6/D6

The Coogans 4coogans@xxxxx
Thu Jun 29 03:05:20 EDT 2017

It's always a nice surprise to see one's name come up on the list -
especially when one is a reclusive lurker.
I retired my diminished 10 holers retuned from richter diatonics quite a
few years ago, in favor of the "A dorian" Chrom  a version of Brendan's
C6/D6.The whole step on each hole when 1/2 valved appeals to me, as do the
the -7ths, triads, and various partial chords available. I also lost
interest in the MOLT thing - in my little world, C shouldn't play like Eb,
or Gb  or A, etc..Each of the twelve keys has it's own personality. .Maybe
my keyboard background has something to do with that way of thinking, but I
enjoy having some facility in all 12 keys, Of course, to each his own.I
still keep three different keyed instruments (A-7, G-7, B-7 but only use
one of the other two if somebody calls a tune in an oddball key, and I
already have muscle memory for  the tune on the "A".
I think it's great that people like Gary and Chesper are still out there
searching for a better way.
-Ed Coogan, Gainesville Fl.

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