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Reed wrenches are about more than the size of the opening that fits the base of the reed.

If the wrench head is too big to maneuver in the space between reeds, it will be useless.

If the wrench shaft interferes with the motion of the wrench against neighboring reeds, again, it’s a problem.

The best reed wrench I have is one made by Joe Spiers. It’s a metal dowel about 1/4 inch in diameter, cut at an angle of about 30 degrees on one end, with the cleft for the reedbase cut into the angled surface.

Because the diameter around the cleft is small, it moves easily, and because the shaft is angled up away from the surrounding reeds, you have complete freedom of motion in rotating reeds.

By the way, with welded reeds on Suzuki harps, you run the risk of wrenching the reed completely off if you try to move it.
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Can anyone tell me what size of wrench is needed to adjust the reeds on Hohner, Suzuki and Manji harps?  I was wondering if modelling stores would sell small spanners to do the job, rather than pay what seems to be a lot of bucks for a specialist harp reed wrench.  B

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