[Harp-L] Swan mini bass harmonica question.

Matthew Bullis matthewbullisaz@xxxxx
Sat Jun 24 21:22:39 EDT 2017

Well I thought I was done buying unusual harmonicas for the moment, but 
I found another on Amazon. The Swan mini bass is one I just bought and 
expect delivery from Asia. I already have and really enjoy the Swan 
Senior bass, an instrument which has the naturals on the bottom row and 
sharps and flats on the top row. This mini bass has all notes in one 
row, and according to some online posts, it's mirroring older glisando 
harmonicas. One of the Amazon answers says that it starts on D, and the 
posting skips the first E. Does it actually start on D instead of C like 
the Senior Bass, and 25 notes would put that from D to D with no 
chromatic skips. I find that the Swan Senior bass has a mellow tone, 
while the pocket bass I have has a brighter and more treble sound since 
the body of the pocket instrument is less wide from front to back. Is it 
the case with the Swan mini that it sounds brighter?



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