[Harp-L] minor key songs

Doug Schroer dougharps@xxxxx
Thu Jun 22 23:26:25 EDT 2017

Lee Oskar melodic minor tuned harps are named in the key that is played in
2nd position, so for F#m you would need a Lee Oskar F#m harp. I have one,
never used in public. I usually pick a position on a Richter diatonic or
use a keyed chromatic. I am not sure how other brands label their minor
tuned diatonic harps.

You could use Richter tuned diatonics to play in 2nd on a B (bending for
the flatted notes), play in 3rd on an E, play in 4th on an A, or 5th on a
D.   Each position requires certain adjustments or avoid notes, but all are
viable for playing minor. I have heard 1st position played in minor, too,
but I haven't tried it yet.

As Rick Dempster said, "Depends on the nature of the tune, chords etc."

Doug S.

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