[Harp-L] Nominate someone for a SPAH award (deadline June 30)

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Richard - why do you talk about secrets? 

This implies some sort of skullduggery, and I assure you that there is none. When I took charge of the SPAH awards process in 2010, I clarified rules and procedures and dissemination of information to SPAH members to strengthen the consistency, integrity, and fairness of the process and to widen the field of candidates.
I also undertook a publicity effort, in progress right now for this year's awards, to remind members to make nominations, and to perhaps stimulate interest in SPAH among non-members. (For a brief overview of SPAH, check out http://www.spah.org/content.asp?contentid=16

All SPAH members are encouraged to nominate candidates for SPAH awards. Anyone can examine the awards packet, which includes the rules, requirements, and procedures for each award, lists previous recipients (who are not eligible to receive the same award twice), and includes nomination forms (which you don't need to use; they're just for convenience) at http://www.spah.org/Files/Convention%20awards.pdf

In 2016, we made the list of nominees public, via announcements at the ceremony, with a brief description of the virtues of each nominee. That proved cumbersome during a long evening, and perhaps there's a better way to do it. Once I have all the nominations in hand, I could post something on the web and announce the location on the various forums, just as I'm presently doing to stimulate nominations.
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Winslow Yerxa wrote:

<Who deserved the honor of a SPAH award in 2017?

Winslow, does SPAH plan to make nominations public this year, which in my

humble opinion is an appropriate way to help fulfill SPAH's mission to

"promote" the harmonica?

If there's a reason why not, please advise.  I admit that I can't see a

reason why nominations should not be public and nominees not celebrated.  I

see that publicizing nominations and celebrating nominees does some good

for all involved; I scratch my head when it comes to understanding what

harms are prevented by keeping the whole thing a secret.

Regards, Richard Hunter


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