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Sun Jun 18 10:54:19 EDT 2017

Can't wait until SPAH moves to the north...  Any chance of this? Its a bit
far for us northeners or noreasters and it hasn't been up here for a long,
long time...

A guy can dream...


On 17 June 2017 at 11:33, Jerry Deall <jdeall at xxxxx> wrote:

> Maybe you should tie me to that large harmonica that Hohner brings very
> year.
> But you can only throw foam combs.
> Tom Halchak must have some.
> Jerry
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> Joe, the 2017 SPAH convention is indeed in Tulsa Oklahoma. The error
> which Jerry had earlier noted had to do with SPAH's mailing address and
> NOT the
> location of the convention. The convention will be held at the downtown
> Tulsa Hyatt Regency Hotel -a very nice property- Tues Aug 15 through late
> Sat night Aug 19.
> As always, a GREAT lineup of harmonica talent representing all genres of
> music from all points of the globe. If you have never attended a SPAH
> convention you will be amazed by the variety, depth and virtuosity of the
> scheduled artists with whom you'll be rubing elbows with all week long.
> SPAH is
> for players of all ages and levels of ability, beginners are welcomed and
> encouraged. Vendors, jam sessions, seminars, shows, kids programs, local
> tours... it's a gas!
> The International Blues Blowoff -aka the SPAH blowoff, aka the IBB- will
> be held at the same hotel on Tuesday evening Aug 15. IBB tickets are
> already on sale at www. harmonicaplanet.com/blues-blowoff. The IBB is
> separate
> from SPAH registration and is open to the general public. Those wishing for
> VIP seating are urged to buy in advance... the VIP section is projected to
> sell out well before the night of the show. Those buying General Admission
> seats in advance will gain early entry and therefore a wider choice of
> seating.
> As far as Jerry goes, he will be tied to a post in the hotel lobby where
> you will be able to pelt him with a variety of cracked harmonica combs. Our
> attorneys agreed that he should be punished, but insisted that the combs be
> stripped of all the metal bits... for the safety of those passing by. No
> worries, the lumber from the bass and chords should get the message across.
> The below info about convention registration is copied/pasted directly
> from the SPAH website. Likely to transmit to this list in a garbled
> fashion,
> if so then just go to www. spah.org and then click on SPAH 2017 on the
> left side of the page under 'UPCOMING EVENTS'
> Christopher Richards
> Staging & Production - SPAH www. spah.org
> Producer - International Blues Blowoff www. harmonicaplanet.com
> 2017 SPAH Convention
> Event Details
> Start Date: 8/15/2017 3:00 PM CST End Date: 8/19/2017 11:59 PM CST
> Location:
> Hyatt Regency Hotel
> 100 E 2nd St
> Tulsa, OK United States 74103
> Contact: Phil Franklin Email: pbf at xxxxx Phone: 913-341-4366
> NOTE: If you are a SPAH member, please log in before clicking on the
> Member Registration button -- it'll save you time and chasing around to
> different screens.
> SPAH's annual convention, with lots of seminars, tons (literally) of great
> performers, a wonderful banquet, and more harmonica jamming than you could
> imagine (if you've never been to one of our conventions, that is)! Click
> _here_ (http://www.spah.org/content.asp?contentid=138) for more
> information
> on the location and performers. Click _here_
> (http://www.spah.org/content.asp?contentid=140) to see the pricing table
> for the convention.
> Registration
> * Online registration is available until July 31. This is also the
> deadline for early-bird pricing. After July 31, registration is only
> available at the convention. If you would prefer to register by mail, you
> can
> download a printable version of the convention registration form _here_
> (http://spahsite.membershipsoftware.org//Files/2017_SPAH_Registration.pdf)
> .
> * Members: If you need to renew your membership, you can do that
> during the registration (in the My Information tab).
> * Non-members: _Click here_ (http://www.spah.org/assoc_subscribe.asp)
> to join, and then come back here and register. The total cost will be the
> same, and you'll have the benefits of membership! (Yes, you can register
> without joining, but why would you?)
> * Seating will be assigned for the Saturday night banquet/show in
> the order in which applications are received. Early applicants receive
> table
> seating nearest the stage. Members who want to sit together must apply
> within a week of the first applicant to ensure that they will sit together.
> The maximum seating is 10 people at a table—plan accordingly.
> * Up to nine guests can be entered with your registration, allowing
> you and your guests to sit at the same table. If your guest is a member, be
> sure to register them as aMember/Spouse so they get the member pricing.
> * Day tickets: We are not selling advance day tickets for days
> other than Saturday. Day tickets are available at the convention (see the
> _pricing chart_ (http://www.spah.org/content.asp?contentid=140) for
> prices).

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