[Harp-L] Convention Registration Error

Jerry Deall jdeall@xxxxx
Sat Jun 17 11:33:37 EDT 2017

Maybe you should tie me to that large harmonica that Hohner brings very year. 
But you can only throw foam combs. 
Tom Halchak must have some. 

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Joe, the 2017 SPAH convention is indeed in Tulsa Oklahoma. The error 
which Jerry had earlier noted had to do with SPAH's mailing address and NOT the 
location of the convention. The convention will be held at the downtown 
Tulsa Hyatt Regency Hotel -a very nice property- Tues Aug 15 through late 
Sat night Aug 19. 

As always, a GREAT lineup of harmonica talent representing all genres of 
music from all points of the globe. If you have never attended a SPAH 
convention you will be amazed by the variety, depth and virtuosity of the 
scheduled artists with whom you'll be rubing elbows with all week long. SPAH is 
for players of all ages and levels of ability, beginners are welcomed and 
encouraged. Vendors, jam sessions, seminars, shows, kids programs, local 
tours... it's a gas! 

The International Blues Blowoff -aka the SPAH blowoff, aka the IBB- will 
be held at the same hotel on Tuesday evening Aug 15. IBB tickets are 
already on sale at www. harmonicaplanet.com/blues-blowoff. The IBB is separate 
from SPAH registration and is open to the general public. Those wishing for 
VIP seating are urged to buy in advance... the VIP section is projected to 
sell out well before the night of the show. Those buying General Admission 
seats in advance will gain early entry and therefore a wider choice of 

As far as Jerry goes, he will be tied to a post in the hotel lobby where 
you will be able to pelt him with a variety of cracked harmonica combs. Our 
attorneys agreed that he should be punished, but insisted that the combs be 
stripped of all the metal bits... for the safety of those passing by. No 
worries, the lumber from the bass and chords should get the message across. 

The below info about convention registration is copied/pasted directly 
from the SPAH website. Likely to transmit to this list in a garbled fashion, 
if so then just go to www. spah.org and then click on SPAH 2017 on the 
left side of the page under 'UPCOMING EVENTS' 

Christopher Richards 
Staging & Production - SPAH www. spah.org 
Producer - International Blues Blowoff www. harmonicaplanet.com 

2017 SPAH Convention 
Event Details 
Start Date: 8/15/2017 3:00 PM CST End Date: 8/19/2017 11:59 PM CST 
Hyatt Regency Hotel 
100 E 2nd St 
Tulsa, OK United States 74103 
Contact: Phil Franklin Email: pbf at xxxxx Phone: 913-341-4366 

NOTE: If you are a SPAH member, please log in before clicking on the 
Member Registration button -- it'll save you time and chasing around to 
different screens. 

SPAH's annual convention, with lots of seminars, tons (literally) of great 
performers, a wonderful banquet, and more harmonica jamming than you could 
imagine (if you've never been to one of our conventions, that is)! Click 
_here_ (http://www.spah.org/content.asp?contentid=138) for more information 
on the location and performers. Click _here_ 
(http://www.spah.org/content.asp?contentid=140) to see the pricing table for the convention. 

* Online registration is available until July 31. This is also the 
deadline for early-bird pricing. After July 31, registration is only 
available at the convention. If you would prefer to register by mail, you can 
download a printable version of the convention registration form _here_ 
(http://spahsite.membershipsoftware.org//Files/2017_SPAH_Registration.pdf) . 
* Members: If you need to renew your membership, you can do that 
during the registration (in the My Information tab). 
* Non-members: _Click here_ (http://www.spah.org/assoc_subscribe.asp) 
to join, and then come back here and register. The total cost will be the 
same, and you'll have the benefits of membership! (Yes, you can register 
without joining, but why would you?) 
* Seating will be assigned for the Saturday night banquet/show in 
the order in which applications are received. Early applicants receive table 
seating nearest the stage. Members who want to sit together must apply 
within a week of the first applicant to ensure that they will sit together. 
The maximum seating is 10 people at a table—plan accordingly. 
* Up to nine guests can be entered with your registration, allowing 
you and your guests to sit at the same table. If your guest is a member, be 
sure to register them as aMember/Spouse so they get the member pricing. 
* Day tickets: We are not selling advance day tickets for days 
other than Saturday. Day tickets are available at the convention (see the 
_pricing chart_ (http://www.spah.org/content.asp?contentid=140) for prices). 

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