[Harp-L] young tom edison

Ray Carrington bigraycar53@xxxxx
Sun Jun 18 13:39:51 EDT 2017

 Its been so long that I sent a message to the group, I forgot how to do it.
I was talking with an older lady that is a ham radio operator.  She mentioned that many trains use Q in morse code for some reason.  As I googled it,  I recalled in the movie young tom Edison (with mickey Rooney) 1940. He saves s train with morse code.  The canadian telegraph has a history page with trivia and morse code and telegraphic equipment. www.trainweb.org/telegraphgene/morsemovies/movies.html  (that movie just happens to be listed first).
There is alot I'd like to expond apon but at this time just ask if any one uses morse code in harmonica playing (dah, dah, dit, dah) Q in particular.? I guess a question signal going thru a station and general warning to clear tracks.
P.s. look at the attached receive side of the coin below.  When I was a kid we messed with morse code and I wish that receive method had been printed on my cheap walkie talkie at that time.  I may have been able to receive messages.  I like it as a better means to decipher.

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