[Harp-L] Bach Tabs for Harpmaster in A

Mustafa Umut Sarac mustafaumutsarac@xxxxx
Sun Jun 18 15:03:32 EDT 2017

SHORT- I want to play complicated Bach music.
...............I need a DVD and Book to play 12 harp in one.
.............. I cant afford to online lesson and I did not like the idea

Please help, I am total beginner to playing music and virtually I dont know
anything about music theory. I bought a Suzuki Harpmaster Diatonic in A -
 NOT A MAJOR - and I want to play Bach.
Complicated Bach music is always my deep love and I want to get your help
to start.

I dont know whats going on playing 12 harp in one harp but I think I need a
very long and complicated book and may be DVD to teach me to play Bach as
it is.

Please help.


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