[Harp-L] Made in China

Chesper Nevins chespernevins@xxxxx
Sat Jun 17 18:43:29 EDT 2017

I just bought 5 special 20's, first time in a long time.  They say
"Progressive" on the cover.  This is fine.  What I'm more ambivalent about
is that there is a new front to the comb (on the mouth side).  This front
is taller than the rest of the comb.  This front wall of the comb sticks up
above and below the height of the rest of the comb.  My initial reaction is
that this is less comfortable than the "regular" Special 20 combs.  I
didn't even notice it until I started playing and wondered what the sharp(
ish) edge was that I was feeling.

On Sat, Jun 17, 2017 at 2:12 PM, David Fairweather <dmf273 at xxxxx> wrote:

> Brendan wrote something to the effect of "Who cares where they're made as
> long as Hohner harps are as good as ever".
> I should have pointed out in my original post that the person who raised
> the issue with me was one of those "Special 20" devotees (you know the
> type),  and he was quite displeased with the quality of the latest batch of
> Special 20's.  He said he had to return three of them and they all bore
> markings different from classic Special 20's.   I wish I could remember
> what the markings were - some kind of legend on the covers.  It doesn't say
> "Made in China",  it says something else that's new.   Anyone here bought a
> Special 20 recently?  Do the covers say something different than in the
> past?

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