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Fri Jun 9 13:19:59 EDT 2017

I agree. The Tony Glover book was a Godsend! I eventually found a book by David McKelvey that included a cassette tape to compliment the text and that really helped as well. 

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> On Jun 5, 2017, at 1:01 PM, Mick Zaklan <mzaklan at xxxxx> wrote:
>   Nice teaching line-up this year for the Chicago Blues Fest Blues Camp:
> http://www.chicagobluescamp.com/blues-masters.  Pretty impressive roster on
> the harp end:  Joe Filisko, Billy Branch, Martin Lang, and Matt Skoller.
>   Back in 1969, when I started, you were on your own.  No YouTube, no
> clinics.  Just the Tony Glover instruction book and the stack of records
> you collected.  Some guys would intentionally give you the wrong info to
> throw you off the track.  Gigs were scarce, competition intense.
>   Whole different ballgame today.
> Mick Zaklan

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