[Harp-L] What is this instrument?

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Joe is right. Probably Cat Anderson -- master of the plunger mute on trumpet. Hardest part of using the plunger mute is getting the wooden handle out of the mute before putting it up against the bell. If you cut a hole in the center of the plunger (where the handle was) you can hold the mute against the bell without totally cutting of the sound. Playing trumpet with a mute is like cupping the harp--it dulls the sound.

Playing trumpet with a mute isn't all that difficult--use the pinky ring with right hand to support the horn and operate the mute (open and shut) with left hand and added support.


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That’s a mute. A trumpet mute played in open position. Probably a rubber toilet plunger. The mute is moved around the bell of the trumpet and along with various embouchures produces 
interesting sound. Playing a closed (stationary) mute isn’t that difficult. Playing open IS. Because you have to both actuate the valves AND hold onto the trumpet.  


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> Here's a link to 310 Blues on a Johnny Hodges's album:
> https://youtu.be/b97t11ezviU
> Just before the 3 minute mark an interesting solo begins. It sounds like a trumpet player is singing through their horn. What's really going on there?
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