[Harp-L] Bends possible on David Pearce's note bending chromatic

David Pearce harpdog123@xxxxx
Sat Jul 29 08:43:55 EDT 2017

Michael Rubin.  Are you asking about my tuning?  Paddy Richter Bend or Brendan's tuning Power Chromatic.

Here's my Paddy Richter bend tuning layout:  c/d e/g a/b c/d e/f g/a a/b c/d e/f g/a a/b c/d  
There's the 2 semitone bend in hole 2 and a 1 semitone bend in the other holes with the exception of the e/f holes, where there's no bend.  I've often debated raising the f to f# as that would make playing melodies in 2nd position much better due to having the f# as a draw note rather than a blow note using the slide.  The reason I don't do that is so that I can do a lot of my richter blues licks and also play melodically.  Holes 1-6 are the same as Paddy Richter.  Holes 7-10 repeat the notes of holes 3-6.  And the pattern repeats on holes 11 & 12.  I like it because its an easy transition from Richter tuning and I get the 2 semitone draw bend in hole 2 which is my favorite note on harmonica.  I love the way it bends and the sound of its vibrato.  The downside of this tuning is that there's one note I can only get by bending, which is the F in hole 2.  In some positions work better by playing with the slide in.    

Power Chromatic makes a lot more sense.  Every note can be bent a semitone.  And the pattern is consistent.  I absolutely love how Brendan uses it on his hot jazz cd "Swing Fellas".  (It's what I would do if I had the chops!)  This kind jazz is highly energized like blues and I think Brendan's use of diatonic blues technique is a perfect way for a harmonica player to express the genre.  I would highly recommend getting this CD if you are curious about the tuning and want to hear its possibilities.

David Pearce  

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