[Harp-L] Voiceprints for the ACE harmonica

Sheltraw macaroni9999@xxxxx
Sun Jul 23 17:05:57 EDT 2017

There's an app for that. Really! Audio Spectrum Analyzer. Fourier power analysis will suffer a bit because of the iPhone mic but it's pretty good. I have used it at work to analyze the audio spectrum of MRI gradient coils.

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> On Jul 23, 2017, at 4:59 AM, Richard Sleigh <rrsleigh at xxxxx> wrote:
> If there is going to be an ACE harmonica available at SPAH, there has to be
> some way to record and create a map of the harmonic overtones of the
> instrument. A voiceprint. If the images show clear differences in patterns
> when you go from one material to another, then you would have something
> resembling scientific measurement of sound waves instead of human opinions.
> Anybody got the right equipment?
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