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ian osborn davidianosborn@xxxxx
Sun Jul 23 12:05:02 EDT 2017

Thanks Richard.. I play with some guys that appreciate the original
versions of songs.. In other words, when people go to hear a cover band at
the bar, they expect a certain level of familiarity with the song,
especially very recognizable ones.. For example the harmonica parts in
Piano Man get played a certain way all the time because that is what
people's ears expect to hear.. With some minor variation of course.. Anyway
thanks for the input!! I don't have the greatest musical ear so trying to
tab out set stuff is hard for me.. I have his first line down tho!!



On Sun, Jul 23, 2017 at 6:33 AM Richard Hunter <rhunter377 at xxxxx> wrote:

> ian osborn wrote:
> <i know some are opposed to this and play their own thing, but has anyone
> <tabbed out something similar to or a copy of the harmonica solo in "we're
> <here for a good time" by trooper??
> First, anyone who tell you that it's wrong to study someone else's solo is
> misleading you. We all learn by listening to others.  The closer you
> listen, the more you learn about someone else's ideas, and the more you
> learn about yourself.
> Second, which recording of this solo are you talking about?  This live
> performance, or something else?
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lOcr0uc73-o
> I took a brief listen to this, and what I heard was mostly 2nd position in
> the bottom octave and a half of the instrument.  That's as much attention
> as I intend to pay to this particular solo--it's not a bad solo, but the
> lessons it teaches are lessons I've learned elsewhere.
> If the solo excites you, why don't you tab it out for yourself?  That's the
> best way to learn more about the stuff that excites you.
> Regards, Richard Hunter
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