[Harp-L] we're here for a good time-trooper

Richard Hunter rhunter377@xxxxx
Sun Jul 23 09:33:17 EDT 2017

ian osborn wrote:
<i know some are opposed to this and play their own thing, but has anyone
<tabbed out something similar to or a copy of the harmonica solo in "we're
<here for a good time" by trooper??

First, anyone who tell you that it's wrong to study someone else's solo is
misleading you. We all learn by listening to others.  The closer you
listen, the more you learn about someone else's ideas, and the more you
learn about yourself.

Second, which recording of this solo are you talking about?  This live
performance, or something else?


I took a brief listen to this, and what I heard was mostly 2nd position in
the bottom octave and a half of the instrument.  That's as much attention
as I intend to pay to this particular solo--it's not a bad solo, but the
lessons it teaches are lessons I've learned elsewhere.

If the solo excites you, why don't you tab it out for yourself?  That's the
best way to learn more about the stuff that excites you.

Regards, Richard Hunter

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