[Harp-L] A Learning Opportunity at the Open Blues Jam

Tony Eyers tony@xxxxx
Thu Jul 20 21:26:35 EDT 2017

Hmmm. Wondering what kind of mic you had? If it's a bullet type, then 
that would explain the feedback. These mics never sound good through a 
PA in my experience, they need the right kind of amp to create their 
magic. Did you have a volume control knob on your mic? This usually 
sorts out feedback problems.

You're probably well versed in this, but for others, if you plan to 
bring a mic to a blues jam (I do), and plug it directly into the PA (I 
do sometimes), then head over to Blows Me Away productions and get an 
Ultimate 57 with the bulletizer grip, at 

This is essentially an SM57, a standard vocal mic, which should work 
fine with any PA. The volume knob should sort any volume/feedback 
issues. And it sounds fantastic.

Tony Eyers
...everyone plays

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